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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Never a Rest Before Christmas!

Things always get crazy for me right before Christmas.  It's become more and more so in recent years, and I completely do it to myself.  Every year, I learn how to make new things and thus I have more things to make for people as gifts.  I try not to repeat things from year to year, though a couple relatives got their second round of scarves last year.  This year my sister had a baby, so that's one more to make things for, though, itty bitty adorable things I love making.  On top of that, I had a couple orders in my shop!  One was straight forward because it was premade, the other included 2 sets of cat toys which I pretty much always make once they are ordered.  So instead of making my cute little itty bitty baby mittens for my niece, I had something more urgent to do first!  I worked on them all weekend and got the order shipped out today so now it is back to Christmas making!  I think I will be making things, either knitting or crocheting, every day until Christmas gets here.

One other thing that had me busy over the weekend and at the beginning of the week was getting ready for a big end of the month.  I have been selected to be Featured Zibbeter at the end of the month into the beginning of the year (that week) which I haven't told many people yet so, unless you read this, you probably wouldn't know until it is up on Zibbet and in their newsletter!  But I had to get a photo for them and fill out an interview which wasn't very long but some parts required some thinking on my part.

So a very busy month for me!  I'm happy, but also know I will be THRILLED once the new year is here and it's time to... sit... and do nothing for a bit LOL