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Friday, October 12, 2007

See, even Honey likes Disney.

Yes, that is Honey watching Kim Possible.
Not long after she was looking allllll adorable, see?
I love my Kitty :)

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Just a quick one this time :)

I went to a dance competition this past weekend and some of my pets got to go on some of the trip with me. Spitzer, Spunky, and Fatso came along to my parents house, as did Honey last minute. I just couldn't bare to leave her the whole weekend.

Poor Honey puked in the car- both ways. I keep forgetting to not feed her before a trip. At least she didn't meow for the whole 4 hours, like she does sometimes. The dragons mostly just slept through the trips, they sleep pretty soundly as long as it's dark.

Spitzer is getting REALLY skittish. I'm going to have to try and get her calmed down a bit, at my parents house she went a running and a jumping away on me around the room we were keeping the cages in. Twice. She nearly jumped off me when I went to put her back in her cage when I got home. Don't know why. But I'm getting her used to me again- don't know what happened to make her NOT used to me, but oh well. I'm having her eat some of her worms from my hand, some of them while I'm holding on to her so she has positive associations with being out of the cage. I may have to find a way to finagle a leash onto her while she's in her cage so I can take her out safely.

We'll see what happens. In any case we're all home safe and my animals that I left for the weekend all seem pretty good, except Porcellus who aparently has a respiratory infection. Guess he'll be going to the vet too on Friday!

That's all for today :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Introducing Honey

This is Honey. The adorable little brat of a kitty that escaped on me earlier this evening. This is a picture from a year ago, but she really hasn't changed any except for being slightly bigger.

I got Honey on August 9th, 2006. So we've been together for just over a year. I got her as a birthday present for myself, since I wanted a cat for so long, and once my ex BF broke up with me I realized I could finally get one (he was allergic, so I didn't get one for his sake.) I told myself once I cleaned my room I could get a cat, and I started looking before I was done. I spent about 4 or 5 days the week of my birthday last year just reorganizing and cleaning my entire room. I ended up getting her before my room was done, which turned out to be OK as she ended up being confined to the bathroom due to fleas for a few days.

I found an ad in the newspaper online placed by a family that had some kittens and some grown cats up for adoption. I called about the kittens, but had been considering adopting an older cat since it would have a more stable personality. In any case, the last of the kittens had just gone, they told me, but they had plenty of adults left. So I went to check them out. Turns out the family rescued cats in the neighborhood, and had a small collection, with I think 6 they were looking to adopt out due to the fact that they were moving and couldn't take them all with them. So, I hung out with all the cats, and eventually narrowed it down to 2. Either Honey, or a black one. Well, I tried to hold the black one but it jumped up and ran away. Honey let me pet her, and play with her, and was perfectly happy to be around me. So I picked her! I went to the pet store and got everything I would need, got a cat carrier, and went back to get her. She was sleeping when I got back, and I sat next to her and started petting her, at which point she put her head in my lap and just soaked up the attention. We put a towel in the carrier, and she walked right in and curled up and looked at me like "ok lets go!" so we did. She had been the momma of the kittens- she had had them when she was 7 months old, I adopted her when she was 9 months old. That's why my little love is so small, she had to put so much of her nutrients and energy into a pregnancy before she was even fully grown herself.

So she was still technically a kitten when I got her. She hasn't changed much, now at nearly 2 years old. With the exception on being an annoying little brat, she's a wonderful cat LOL. She likes attention, and tends to get in my way when I'm chatting online or doing homework. But she's gotten better at not stepping in the computer. And as long as the isn't trying to wake me up all night, she's good. I like having a cuddly kitty. I love the mornings when I wake up with her curled up at my feet, and I love it when she follows me around the house like yesterday when I was doing laundry. I usually don't let her in the basement much, but I let her come down with me and by the third load she was just sitting in a chair while I was down there, waiting to go back upstairs when I was done. I just LOVE having her follow me around.

She gets jumpy and growly and hissy in new situations especially around other cats, which I find interesting considering the number of other cats she used to live with. She's definitely a people cat, and most people love her, even the ones who don't like cats. She's just a friendly cat, when she's not in a scary situation.

So that's my little brat ;) haha


Yeah, she is now confined to the extra room. I found her (she kept going back to the neighbors front steps) and eventually chased her down and got her interested enough in the food in my left hand to catch her with my right hand. She let me grab her no problem, halfway back in the house she started growling and hissing at me, at which point I pinned her to the car, released the rest of the food so I could get a better grip, and brought her the heck inside.

So yeah I have her in the spare room with some water, food, her litterbox, and some toys. She's at least going to be stuck there overnight, the little attention hog. I think a vet visit is in order.

As you may imagine, I end up at the vet a lot. I think Porcellus will be needing to go in soon, I hear noises when he breathes which is a sure sign he's sick. So, I feel like on the 3rd instead of just a re-check of Bandit, there'll be a whole 3-some of my pets going in. Good thing my school money is coming in the next week or so, before I have to visit the vet, and I'll have another paycheck by then too!!

She's in so much trouble

My cat got out, my roommate was coming in the front door and she BOLTED. Now it's late out, she kept running away from me, and now I just plain don't know where she went. I want to kill her. She is NOT an outdoor cat, and if she's going to keep trying to escape I'm going to have to lock her in my room. Which is bad, because then she keeps me awake all night.

This is just plain not good.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Beardies on TV!

So I'm watching Holes on Disney Channel, and they have beardies painted in bright colors and they've used computer animation to hybridize them with frilled dragons... Apparently the frilled dragons aren't menacing looking enough without their frills out and beardies aren't menacing enough with their beards out. In any case they make 'em seem really scary and act like they bite anyone who moves *rolls eyes* Beardies are some of the sweetest things ever (at least, to people). I've never been bitten by a single one of 'em, although Fatso bit the guy at the pet store when I picked him out. First time HE had ever been bit by a beardie, and they've had some mean ones in their store at times.

But so yeah, beardies aren't scary... Their patterns aren't THAT bright. They're just cool lizards.

It's a zoo in here!!

So my sisyter convinced me to start one of these. She has one with all sorts of cute pictures of her Kitty, Godiva. I guess if she has one for her one little kitty, I can have one for me and the mini zoo.

Currently I have: one cat (Honey), three guinea pigs (Scooter, Porcellus, and Bandit), four bearded dragons (Fatso, Spunky, Spitzer, and Fairley) and one un-named crayfish. I'll add pictures as soon as I find my camera. Thats on my list for today- clean the room. At which point I'll find my camera. I last saw it on my bed, which means it probably fell off and slid under it.

I'll probably also include my boyfriends pets, since I spend plenty of time with them as well! He has two crested geckos (I don't remember their names), and three bearded dragons (Inara, Deter, and Sparticus). He also has a frilled dragon on hold.

In the future (In maybe a year or so) I also plan to get Rankins Dragons (like bearded dragons, but smaller) and possibly knob-tailed, leaf tailed, or gargoyle geckos. Evetually I think I'll get a Degu, too. Anyone see those? They've sprung up in pet stores all over lately, they're cute. Maybe after my guinea pigs pass on!

In any case, I love my animals. They take up a good chunk of my time, and some of them even get to travel with me (Particularly my dragons, as they need live food and appropriate lighting each day) so look forward to some good travel stories!

That's all for today :)