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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Introducing Honey

This is Honey. The adorable little brat of a kitty that escaped on me earlier this evening. This is a picture from a year ago, but she really hasn't changed any except for being slightly bigger.

I got Honey on August 9th, 2006. So we've been together for just over a year. I got her as a birthday present for myself, since I wanted a cat for so long, and once my ex BF broke up with me I realized I could finally get one (he was allergic, so I didn't get one for his sake.) I told myself once I cleaned my room I could get a cat, and I started looking before I was done. I spent about 4 or 5 days the week of my birthday last year just reorganizing and cleaning my entire room. I ended up getting her before my room was done, which turned out to be OK as she ended up being confined to the bathroom due to fleas for a few days.

I found an ad in the newspaper online placed by a family that had some kittens and some grown cats up for adoption. I called about the kittens, but had been considering adopting an older cat since it would have a more stable personality. In any case, the last of the kittens had just gone, they told me, but they had plenty of adults left. So I went to check them out. Turns out the family rescued cats in the neighborhood, and had a small collection, with I think 6 they were looking to adopt out due to the fact that they were moving and couldn't take them all with them. So, I hung out with all the cats, and eventually narrowed it down to 2. Either Honey, or a black one. Well, I tried to hold the black one but it jumped up and ran away. Honey let me pet her, and play with her, and was perfectly happy to be around me. So I picked her! I went to the pet store and got everything I would need, got a cat carrier, and went back to get her. She was sleeping when I got back, and I sat next to her and started petting her, at which point she put her head in my lap and just soaked up the attention. We put a towel in the carrier, and she walked right in and curled up and looked at me like "ok lets go!" so we did. She had been the momma of the kittens- she had had them when she was 7 months old, I adopted her when she was 9 months old. That's why my little love is so small, she had to put so much of her nutrients and energy into a pregnancy before she was even fully grown herself.

So she was still technically a kitten when I got her. She hasn't changed much, now at nearly 2 years old. With the exception on being an annoying little brat, she's a wonderful cat LOL. She likes attention, and tends to get in my way when I'm chatting online or doing homework. But she's gotten better at not stepping in the computer. And as long as the isn't trying to wake me up all night, she's good. I like having a cuddly kitty. I love the mornings when I wake up with her curled up at my feet, and I love it when she follows me around the house like yesterday when I was doing laundry. I usually don't let her in the basement much, but I let her come down with me and by the third load she was just sitting in a chair while I was down there, waiting to go back upstairs when I was done. I just LOVE having her follow me around.

She gets jumpy and growly and hissy in new situations especially around other cats, which I find interesting considering the number of other cats she used to live with. She's definitely a people cat, and most people love her, even the ones who don't like cats. She's just a friendly cat, when she's not in a scary situation.

So that's my little brat ;) haha


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