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Sunday, September 23, 2007


Yeah, she is now confined to the extra room. I found her (she kept going back to the neighbors front steps) and eventually chased her down and got her interested enough in the food in my left hand to catch her with my right hand. She let me grab her no problem, halfway back in the house she started growling and hissing at me, at which point I pinned her to the car, released the rest of the food so I could get a better grip, and brought her the heck inside.

So yeah I have her in the spare room with some water, food, her litterbox, and some toys. She's at least going to be stuck there overnight, the little attention hog. I think a vet visit is in order.

As you may imagine, I end up at the vet a lot. I think Porcellus will be needing to go in soon, I hear noises when he breathes which is a sure sign he's sick. So, I feel like on the 3rd instead of just a re-check of Bandit, there'll be a whole 3-some of my pets going in. Good thing my school money is coming in the next week or so, before I have to visit the vet, and I'll have another paycheck by then too!!