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Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's a zoo in here!!

So my sisyter convinced me to start one of these. She has one with all sorts of cute pictures of her Kitty, Godiva. I guess if she has one for her one little kitty, I can have one for me and the mini zoo.

Currently I have: one cat (Honey), three guinea pigs (Scooter, Porcellus, and Bandit), four bearded dragons (Fatso, Spunky, Spitzer, and Fairley) and one un-named crayfish. I'll add pictures as soon as I find my camera. Thats on my list for today- clean the room. At which point I'll find my camera. I last saw it on my bed, which means it probably fell off and slid under it.

I'll probably also include my boyfriends pets, since I spend plenty of time with them as well! He has two crested geckos (I don't remember their names), and three bearded dragons (Inara, Deter, and Sparticus). He also has a frilled dragon on hold.

In the future (In maybe a year or so) I also plan to get Rankins Dragons (like bearded dragons, but smaller) and possibly knob-tailed, leaf tailed, or gargoyle geckos. Evetually I think I'll get a Degu, too. Anyone see those? They've sprung up in pet stores all over lately, they're cute. Maybe after my guinea pigs pass on!

In any case, I love my animals. They take up a good chunk of my time, and some of them even get to travel with me (Particularly my dragons, as they need live food and appropriate lighting each day) so look forward to some good travel stories!

That's all for today :)