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Friday, October 4, 2013

About That Blanket...

OK finally!  I have been promising a blanket update for months now, and finally here it is!
I have a little over 100 squares done, making me about halfway done with the squares.  Of course, then there will be stitching them all together and stitching the edging, so not half way done with the blanket quite yet. 

It is going much more slowly than I had hoped, but the past week or two I've really tried to pick up the pace.  Hopefully I can get this thing done in under a year!  We will see.

I tried to upload a picture from my phone... for some reason my phone camera seems to suck, for no good reason at all.  I was trying to get a picture to put on instagram and it would look great on the screen then I'd tae the picture and look at it, and it turned out horrible.  I don't understand why it didn't just take the picture like it looked on the screen! I tried a few more, and here is the best I could get.  That's a lot of squares!  I'm clearly going to run out of room in the bag before too long.