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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I always am reading scientific magazines like Scientific American, and Discover, and then the equivalent relating to psychology.  The other day I picked up the latest Scientific American Mind, because I generally read and I hadn't read this issue yet.  Turns out it seems rather appropriately themed for me right now.  "Special Report: Fall in Love and Stay That Way."  Well!  Considering I have just lit a flame recently, I think this issue will be rather enlightening and useful.

I have yet to get to read the articles, "How Science Can Help You Fall In Love." and "They Happy Couple." and again, I prefer peer reviewed research in general but I figure this would be a good start.  I just want to get something IN this blog to start with, and I figure this will be a good enough beginning!

Think I will go get started with reading this magazine now it looks rather interesting!


Friday, December 25, 2009


I wanted to make an entry today but had no luck finding an appropriately themed article and now it is about time for Christmas dinner.  Tomorrow I won't feel the need to have an article with a holiday theme, so hopefully I will be able to add my first tomorrow!  Hope all are having a great holiday season!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Time to switch things up.

For a while now I have wanted to start a blog where I share the golden nuggets of knowledge I come across as I muddle around through various sources of information.  Most recently, thanks to the increasing power of the internet, I have found a treasure trove of peer- reviewed publications in psychology and related fields that have some or all of their content freely available online.

It is my intention not only to share some of my randomness with you, but more importantly to share what things I have found to be important or interesting.  I will not be able to start doing so until I get past this last hump of the holiday rush (starting right now with a NAP before I work an overnight shift at job #2, so I can be at job #1 no later than 9:20, and then start a 9-10 hour drive no later than 3pm tomorrow!) but I have a week off, and plan to do a lot of hmmming, and haaahing and reading and all that goodness.  So hopefully by just after Christmas, I will have knowledge to bestow upon you!

Until then, hope your holidays are going well and safe travels to all who are traveling!