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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Just a quick one this time :)

I went to a dance competition this past weekend and some of my pets got to go on some of the trip with me. Spitzer, Spunky, and Fatso came along to my parents house, as did Honey last minute. I just couldn't bare to leave her the whole weekend.

Poor Honey puked in the car- both ways. I keep forgetting to not feed her before a trip. At least she didn't meow for the whole 4 hours, like she does sometimes. The dragons mostly just slept through the trips, they sleep pretty soundly as long as it's dark.

Spitzer is getting REALLY skittish. I'm going to have to try and get her calmed down a bit, at my parents house she went a running and a jumping away on me around the room we were keeping the cages in. Twice. She nearly jumped off me when I went to put her back in her cage when I got home. Don't know why. But I'm getting her used to me again- don't know what happened to make her NOT used to me, but oh well. I'm having her eat some of her worms from my hand, some of them while I'm holding on to her so she has positive associations with being out of the cage. I may have to find a way to finagle a leash onto her while she's in her cage so I can take her out safely.

We'll see what happens. In any case we're all home safe and my animals that I left for the weekend all seem pretty good, except Porcellus who aparently has a respiratory infection. Guess he'll be going to the vet too on Friday!

That's all for today :)