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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Beardies on TV!

So I'm watching Holes on Disney Channel, and they have beardies painted in bright colors and they've used computer animation to hybridize them with frilled dragons... Apparently the frilled dragons aren't menacing looking enough without their frills out and beardies aren't menacing enough with their beards out. In any case they make 'em seem really scary and act like they bite anyone who moves *rolls eyes* Beardies are some of the sweetest things ever (at least, to people). I've never been bitten by a single one of 'em, although Fatso bit the guy at the pet store when I picked him out. First time HE had ever been bit by a beardie, and they've had some mean ones in their store at times.

But so yeah, beardies aren't scary... Their patterns aren't THAT bright. They're just cool lizards.