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Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Week Has Arrived.

Oh. My. God.  It is here, the move is here, and I am FREAKING OUT.  As you can tell, our timeline got shifted...just a little.  The earliest we could be moved is this week.  The movers come to pack us Wednesday and Thursday and load up the truck on Friday.  While we were originally intending on going to visit family after being packed up, we ended up doing that last week instead, and have so much left to do that we cut the visit shot just a little.  It's a lot harder leaving when I'm not going back in just a couple months like I normally have done since my niece was born.  It was good though... we saw my family, and his family which is just a little harder since he refuses to talk to his parents and not all his siblings get along and blah blah drama so unlike with my family we can't see everyone all at once.  But we managed to see some on the way up to visit my family, including some of his/our friends, and some on the way back down.

I only made it to one night of the dance event I wanted to go to, but that's OK cause in the end I didn't much feel like going (and I had the worst headache ever on Friday anyways.)  I had fun once I got there, though.

There is still so much- SO MUCH- left to do.  He waited until the last minute to figure out shipping his car so he hasn't even scheduled dropping it off yet, cause he needs a letter from the lien holder saying he can ship the car.  We need to get me every power of attorney necessary that is PCS and/or deployment related.  We need to arrange our accommodations for when we get there.  I need to send in all the appropriate documentation for the cats to enter the state, and set up for them to be boarded while we are on our cruise.  And for them to be boarded once we get to Hawaii.  We need to arrange for their flight, which is looking like it will be on a different airline.  I need to arrange to drop off my car to be shipped.

I am so looking forward to everything being arranged and done and for us to be on the road for this crazy journey!