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Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Friday!

Well it is FRIDAY!  For most people it's the end of the work week. For me it's the start of the weekend!  Well, kinda.  I typically don't have clients on Fridays so all the work I do, I do from home.  In my PJs typically.  Sometimes I hole up in my office, where my cats aren't allowed, and sometimes I bring the work computer downstairs and cuddle while I work.  More often I just do nothing after the clinical meeting (which is online or on the phone!)
Which means that nothing exciting has happened today.  Except the rotten tomatoes.
See, I was sitting on the couch doing nothing important when I heard a sound.  I assumed it was a cat was coming into the room, but looked and saw 3 of them sitting next to me or at my feet (yep,my cats love me.) then they all started to look at where the sound came from, got up and started staring and sniffing.  I was thinking, oh hey!  I love having cats, they notice and creepy crawlies so I have warning and can find them.  I look at where they are looking expecting a bug.  Instead I hear a drip.  My husbands coworker had given him some fresh tomatoes from her garden, and they had ended up on the table. (Note, our kitchen table is currently in our living room.  Yeah.  We're strange.)  Anyways they were double bagged in Walmart bags and had gone rotten and started, as vegetables to when they rot, to get a bit soggy.  The water was dripping out of the bag onto the floor and into a pair of my shoes.
That settled my need to replace those shoes!  Later I went and spent entirely too much money on shoes, and now all is well.  The tomato water didn't get all over the table (thank goodness!) and not much had dropped before I caught it and tossed the bag.