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Sunday, August 26, 2012

It Does Not Rain Here!

So, Eric had gone to mow the lawn the other day before we went out to get some shopping done.  He cut up his hand at work, and managed to tear it back open mowing so I told him to only finish the front and I'd get the backyard over the weekend. Wellll.... Friday "doesn't count" as the weekend, and yesterday I was just lazy and today I realize crap, I need to mow the lawn!  It's almost 5 and it's looking dark... oh hey thats a lot of clouds!

So this of course is when I decide to mow the lawn.

Note, we are in that spot with no rain.  This is NOT an uncommon radar this summer.  And that big blob of red will never get here!  Today it is moving north.  But even when it is moving east, it ends up having what my father has dubbed "The Kate Effect" and breaks down to nothing before reaching me.  Frequently, we don't end up even seeing rain.

I.  Love.  Storms.  So I find it rather offensive that mother nature has somehow created this bubble over my neighborhood that seems to make it impervious to storms.

PS- that lack of rain over the swamp is another typical pattern!  Guess the swamp is wet enough.