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Monday, November 26, 2012

I Fricken Love Swagbucks

It's true.  I love Swagbucks.  Just ask my husband... I've actually loved Swagbucks longer than I have loved him HA!  But yes, I do love me my Swagbucks.

If you haven't heard of Swagbucks, it's a search and win website.  Ya know, use their site to search, win points, trade the points in for stuff.  I was skeptical, but now years later I'm in love.  This has been a slow year for me, I'm  working on one or more Amazon.com gift cards which would probably work me up to a whopping $25 of free stuff, but this year I have been slacking.  Last year it was $55.  The year before was around $150.

So, if I'm not getting as much free stuff this year as in the past, you may be asking why I still love them so much, why now?  Well I admit, I used to get a lot of swagbucks from game tournaments.  Not sure if they ever said why they haven't come back, they said they were going to take them down temporarily but never went back up.  There's still games, but winning 2 SBs at a time versus like 25 makes a big difference.  In any case, now they have shop and earn... and it is STEALTH.  How stealth?  Let me share.

I was looking for the best xbox 360 deal this past weekend after my brother in law posted that he had a bundle he was looking to sell, so of course, I was price comparing.  I found the bundle they had at Best Buy and I was looking at a whole bunch of other stores to compare and at one point I clicked on the Best Buy link through shop and earn.  They make it easy- if you enter in a store they have for shop and earn in their search bar it takes you to shop and earn results.  So I clicked through that way, but later closed the tab, and afterwards went back by going straight to bestbuy.com... and eventually did order the xbox bundle.  This was Saturday.

Partway through the day yesterday I get my email confirming my order from bestbuy.com... then on my way to bed LATE last night I get an email from Swagbucks, something about shop and earn.  I was SO confused.  I didn't buy anything through shop and earn.  This email contains no info.  So I checked my Swagbucks account, and guess what...


Even though I closed the tab, and then went back to Best Buy NOT through Swagbucks later, seems that didn't matter.  I'm getting 399 Swagbucks for buying my xbox online.  HELLS YEAH.  For the record, that's 51 swagbucks short of a$5 amazon.com gift card.

I almost couldn't sleep I was so excited.  Am I crazy?  Well, of course I am.  But that's why you love me.  And, if you decide to want to try Swagbucks too, use my referral link... then I get more Swagbucks LOL... http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/Chickcasa

And no, I'm not getting anything from Swagbucks for writing how much I love them.  Though, it seems they DO have a program for bloggers to earn Swagbucks for just that.