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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy, Not So Healthy New Year

Well, I have been having a great year so far if you don't include the headaches, sore throats, dizzy spells, and coughing fits!  At first it was just my sinuses acting up.  I keep saying I need to get to a doctor but so far, I have not.  Whoops.  Well a little over a week ago I started getting a scratchy throat, and each day I just kept feeling worse.  Though, the symptoms weren't always the same from day to day, and last week I felt the worst by Friday.  When, just my luck, we got a couple inches of snow, in time for my drive home from my client an hour away, that turned that hour into 3 and a half!  Wow.  With a HORRIBLE headache the whole time.
On the plus side, I have been feeling MUCH better the past two days, partly, I think, because I am not doing much besides sleeping and sitting on my butt, and either watching TV and crocheting or playing Skyrim.  Friday after I finally got home, I finished putting together a sweater I started making earlier in the month.  You may remember that in my year in review, I mentioned that I was inspired by a book I got for Christmas to make a sweater out of granny squares.  I expected this project to take me some months, because projects for myself tend to go at a leisurely pace, but I managed to finish it already!  I will post pictures soon.  I have already posted pictures on Facebook on my shops page and my personal page.  So far lots of compliments, and I myself am pretty thrilled with how it turned out!  I will write more about it when I post the final pictures.
Now today on the top of my list, even though I really just want to play Skyrim all day.  ALL. DAY!!! Um, well, I won't be doing that.  First on my list is finishing this blanket I started working on a year ago.  Actually. over a year ago.  I bought the first of the yarn and started making it on the drive home from visiting my family at Christmas, in 2011.  I was really hoping to finish it for Christmas this year, to wrap it and put it under the tree for my husband, but I over did it with the projects for everyone else.  Whoops.  But now I am down to the last 6 rows and some weaving and trimming of ends.  We have already started sleeping with it on our bed and I have been using it as a blanket downstairs for months now.  I... cannot wait... to get this finished.  It is a HUGE project for me.  And being someone not known to finish large projects, it's kinda a big deal!
So that is my plan for today!  FINISH THE BLANKET!! And then, once it is finished... my husband has decided he thinks a granny square blanket would be nice.  So, I am finishing this blanket so I can start working on a new one.  Already.  :)
And I can't wait!  So stay tuned for pictures of my productive weekend and probably some rambling about choosing the yarn for the next blanket!