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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Project Pictures!!

Ok, I have now officially finished my blanket!  I wanted to take some good pictures but I can't find my camera and Eric is already in bed so for right now I can't spread it on the bed for pictures.  So what I got will just have to do!  I've got pictures of my sweater, too.

Here is me with one end of my blanket!  You can almost make out the edging I made.

And my blanket, with my soda nestled into it LOL

More of the blanket... a better look at the ripples!

Last night when I went to bed (yes, I've been sleeping with it even before I finished it!) my cat Splenda was REALLY enjoying it and was all rolling around in heaven.

And a somewhat fuzzy picture of nearly the whole thing (I can't find my camera, so all the pictures were taken with my phone...)

And last, my sweater!  Again, not great pictures.  I can wear it with the seams out or in.  I like it both ways, though so far I've been wearing it with the seams in.

I'm pretty excited to be done with both my "big girl projects" since most things I make tend to be much smaller.  My first sweater AND my first full sized blanket finished in the same weekend!  Not bad :)