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Friday, May 3, 2013

Blanket Update and a Project For the Shop

Well, I promised that I would upload some pictures of the blanket soon and this post will not disappoint!  I've also added some pictures of some fingerless gloves I am working on for the shop.  I feel bad that I have only been working on things for personal projects basically all year so far!  But first up, here's some shots of the squares for the blanket with all the colors! 
First up!  The whole lot of them in the bag I keep them in.  Don't they look all pretty?

And here they are keeping my legs toasty warm ;)

And laid out, one of each.

And a couple pictures of what will be fingerless gloves.  The second picture captures the color much better, and it's such a gorgeous color!  I can't wait for these to be done, though, it's hard to get good pictures to list them without my camera.

And that is all for tonight!  It is a pain in the butt making a post out of a slew of pictures from my phone.  Blogger likes to mess up the formatting and jump the photos around. What a pain!  But anyways back to watching Dexter then some much needed sleep!  I hope you've enjoyed the update- oh!  And speaking of updates!  Nails are STILL looking great...just two super tiny chips at the tips of my thumbs.  Not bad!  I think this polish will stay until my nails grow to the point where they look weird. Very nice.



Barbra said...

Great colors! are you almost done? Brings back memories of several I made last year. And don't feel badly about making something for you...YOU deserve it!

Kakers said...

Oh gosh nonot anywhere close to done yet! If it were going to be a throw blanket, perhaps, but this is for our queen sized bed. I have about 67 squares done out of 210 and will then have a border. So I'm almost 1/3 of the way done with the squares. Not a bad start!

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