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Friday, July 26, 2013

Big News!

So, it's been a while.  Wow has life gotten busy!  This past weekend was the Virginia Beach Lindy Exchange, and event I have helped run for a couple years before this and did a lot of the organizing myself this year.  We started out with a decent sized group doing the planning, but as things got busy for everyone with work/school/life most people had to pull back from helping much.  It ended up going relatively smoothly though, partly from being a slow year.  Here's a few pictures for ya!

Dancing on the battleship Wisconsin- always a highlight of the weekend, and we had a great breeze this year!

Some people doing the Shim Sham

Dolphins at the beach!  We were dancing on the beach, a storm rolled past to the north so we had to move to the grass for a while, and then when we went back to the beach there were Dolohins... everywhere.

So, in addition to planning this event, life itself has gotten a little crazy!   My husband is getting to that time where in a few months he will be transferring to a new command, and his time period to negotiate for orders began in June.  We had been planning, if possible, to stay put.  I love it here, thus why I moved here, plus I have a job and it would let us avoid having to move.  We like where we live right now.  With so many Navy installations in the area, we could be fairly confident there would be a possibility to stay put. 
And there was!  But we chose not to put in for it.  Long story short-


We don't have the official orders yet, but word from the detailing system is that he was chosen for the orders to Pearl Harbor.  Not yet sure when we are moving, should be 6 months give or take a month or two.  As excited as I am, I am also scared as I'm not so great at dealing with change.  I want to move like, tomorrow, to get it over with.  Even writing about the move I start getting tears in my eyes, cause I LOVE this place, and it's going to be a huge change.  I know I will love Hawaii!  But seriously, huge huge change being so far away from family.  So now we are working on the long, expensive process to be able to move our cats onto the island.  We should have a lot of the expences out of the way in the next month, a huge chunk of which is Splenda finally getting spayed.  That part isn't necessarily required for the move, but it's needed to happen so now it will be happening in addition to all the vaccinations and blood tests and checkups.  We already got Splenda her first vet visit, she got her first round of shots amongst other things making a visit of over $200.  OUCH.  Tomorrow the other 3 go in for their first round of shots plus 2 of them are getting their microships... not looking forward to how much THAT one is going to cost.  Seriously.

So that is my big news about our big move!  I may or may not blog about the whole process.  We will see.


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