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Saturday, August 3, 2013

More Nail Obsession- SinfulColors "Rain Song"

Sorry to anyone who isn't nail obsessed, I promise to make an entry about something different soon (a blanket update that I suppose is much needed!) But, I really wanted to get this post out there since this nail polish appears to be so new it's not easy to find reviews of it.

As I mention in my last blog, I got 2 new colors of nail polish (husband approved!  LOL) at Walgreens the other day.  Both are SinfulColors, and while normally I stick with the higher end brands I just loved these colors and when the price is right, it's right.  Sinful  Colors retail for just about $2 but I got these on sale 2 for $3.  The other color I got is called "Love Nails" and I'm sure I will be wearing that one soon.  For now, though, here is a review of "Rain Song" which is a new color with SinfulColors.

Googling has led me to one post about this color where there are pictures of it on someones nails, but they have only put it over other solid colors.  Which being a sheer shimmer makes sense.  However, I was really interested to see what this color would do on its own.

Going on was a bit interesting for me.  I found that there was typically a LOT of polish on the brush even after wiping some off like I typically do.  So I found I had to change my application strategy, and found it a little difficult to do thin layers.   I put on 3 coats, and I used it on top of Orly Orlon basecoat and used NYC Grand Central Station as my top coat.  I tried it out in 2 coats over OPI "Pink Friday" for what appears to be one of the most subtle accent nails ever.

Coming out of the bottle this shade looks very sheer.  It definitely is perfect to layer over other colors.  Given how sheer the formula looks, I wasn't sure what it would turn out like on its own, or how many layers it would take to be close to the color in the bottle.  I found that with 3 coats it doesn't look terribly sheer, though I have some VNL the shimmer masks it pretty well from most angles.  Unfortunately I got a lot of bubbles, I'm not sure if it's the formula or if it's my since I have been having bubble problems the last couple months with all my polishes.  I may not have waited quite long enough between coats, given how thick it went on.  Anyways here are some pictures!
     (^indoors, no flash)
       (^also indoors, no flash)
      (^you can see the accent nail best in this one)
   (with flash, looks more pink)

It is also worth noting that, even though it's not noticeable, there appears to be a small amount of glitter in this. I've got an average of a whopping one speck of glitter on each nail (some have one or none, some have 3.  Most are magenta but one or two are blue/teal.  It's hard to get pictures of the glitter on my nails, especially with the bubbles, but I got a picture of it in the bottle.

I've only had it on since Thursday night so it's only really been less than 2 days on, so I can't comment as to the longevity but the color is gorgeous!  Let me know what you think of it.



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