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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Can Walk Again!

So, on Friday night I did this abs workout, it was the one here which I hear is based on the p90x ab ripper workout.  Looking at an overview of the ab ripper workout, it looks like this one leaves out one exercise.  So, I did this workout, slowly.  I did one move for as many reps as it said... then sat on the ground watching TV and figuring out the next move, then did the next, etc.  So it took me a while.  I managed to finish it, though towards the end I was wearing low.

The problem I found with this workout is there is just too much focus on exercises where your legs are lifted.   This has the effect of working out your hip flexors as much as if not more than your abs.  Which led to my barely being able to walk or hold my balance for DAYS.  Seriously.  Yesterday morning it was still just barely noticeable.  Thankfully it was better today in time for gymnastics but YIPES!  I hear people get great results from it, but for me, I just don't think it is well balanced enough.  I do, however, need to get my hip flexors stronger as well so I think I will continue to incorporate some of the moves into my ab rotation.

Which leads me to- I have decided I am going to make my OWN ab rotation.  I'm going to pick out my favorite ab exercises and do different ones each time I work out my abs.  And, lucky for all of you, I intend to share those here in this blog.  I hope some of you will try some of my ab workouts and give me some good feedback :)  As I go I will probably narrow them down to a few set routines.  In the past I have used the Quick Fix ab workouts that are on their Total Mix CD.  You can bet there will be some exercises from there!  But I also have a binder full of workouts torn out from magazines (A BINDER FULL!  Though, mine is an actual binder.  With actual magazine workouts stuffing it.  There are pictures of women in it.  LOL.)

So I'll be going through ALL of that to find my favorites before I share them with you.  Maybe I will manage to make a routine rotation that is nice and well rounded!  I must warn you though, abs are my BIGGEST strength.  I love working my abs, I have natural endurance in them.  So, 100 crunches for me is only tough when I am REALLY out of shape.  This could be part of why the ab workout I tried on friday hurt my hip flexors so much more, maybe my abs (which were sore, but not a ton) are just up to the challenge and my hip flexors are weak.

So who will be trying my abs rotation when I put it up?  Anyone?