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Saturday, October 6, 2012

So Tired!

I had a fun night last night, but am sure paying for it today.  I wasn't up too late, but then I ended up not getting out of bed until nearly 3:30 in the afternoon!  It's crazy.  All we did was go have dinner and drinks and watched a movie with some friends, and we were in bed before 1!  Oh well, I guess.

I also ended up feeling the urge to make another cowl.  It's just one color and only has one ruffle to it, but it's nice and fluffy and warm, made with alpaca!  I started it yesterday and finished it just now.

I'd say it turned out really good!  Will have to list it tomorrow.  Still need to sew in the ends on the two scarves LOL... But now I want to make more!  More more!  This is good for my shop.

So now I am just relaxing while my husband is out playing poker.  We couldn't think of anything to go out and do together, and he was going stir crazy and I didn't care to change out of my PJs and go anywhere.  So here I am just relaxing, crocheting, watching TV and movies, about to take a bath.  Maybe a bubble bath tonight!