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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rain, Rain GO AWAY!

Fall is here!  It arrived over the weekend with a tap-tap-tap on the windows.   Oh, and a nice big ol' drop in the temperature.  20 degrees down!  Yipes!  Guess mother nature didn't want to do the gradual thing this year.

Personally, my body was created for the summer.  This kind of gloomy weather hits, and i need to do something about it.  I slept away half the weekend and have been SUPER low on energy.  Yesterday it was pouring down.  Today my clients cancelled and I couldn't drag myself out of bed before 1.  In the afternoon! On a workday!  WHAT??!!

So that decided it, it's officially time to start my tanning season.  Some people find it funny, I go all pale in the summer, but in the fall and winter you should see how tan I get.  Today was a horrible day until I went tanning, the effect of my energy level has already been nice and I only went for a few minutes.  I'm all about moderation and tanning safely!  I know, many people don't think there is a "tanning safely," but I have looked at the studies (the studies, not the propaganda style articles of doom.) Honestly I haven't yet seen one that looks at tanning in moderation.  Most lump in people who go tanning a handful of times a month, or even once in their life, with people who tan multiple times per day!  What??  For one thing, hello common sense, when the beds are regulated as having a maximum exposure time that means PER DAY!  I would even argue that it's a good general rule for that to be the maximum exposure per two days.  In any case, people who clearly tan excessively are OF COURSE going to have harmful effects.

Even water can kill you if you get too much of it.


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