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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Who Is This Gary Johnson, And Why Should We Care?

If you happen to have me on Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus, you may have noticed since the first presidential debate I have started to get vocal about my choice of candidate for President.  You may also have noticed that my choice is NOT either Obama or Romney, in fact I feel quite strongly that neither of them is the right man for the job.  I am rooting for someone who arguably at this point in time may have little to no chance of winning, but he should.  And this is why.

Gary Johnson is up-front.  Sometimes a little in-your-face about what he believes, but this is a good thing.  He knows what he believes, he knows what he wants to do as President and he isn't going to sugar coat things.

Gary Johnson has a great track record as 2 term governor of New Mexico.  When he left office, he left the state with a $1 billion budget SURPLUS.   And he has a proposed budget for the country for 2013 on paper.  A BALANCED budget!  Yes, it has some major changes (cuts) to make that happen.  But that is necessary.

Gary Johnson is willing to do what is necessary.

Gary Johnson wants to abolish the IRS and replace income tax with a "Fair Tax"... a consumption tax.  That sounds a lot more fair to me (I suppose that is why it gets the name"fair tax.")

Gary Johnson opposes the Patriot Act.

Gary Johnson wants to end the war on drugs (it is a waste of money.)  and wants to end our involvement in foreign wars we really have nothing to do with in the first place.

Gary Johnson is a candidate for president and is a GOOD option.  He doesn't have the financial backing of the democratic and republican parties, true.  But do we want our candidates to be decided on who has more MONEY behind them?

We should care about Gary Johnson and his candidacy because he offers a refreshing, different alternative in an election where the major candidates do not have enough to offer most of us.

Does any of this sound like something you agree with?  What candidate do you side with?  Check out www.isidewith.com and let me know what you find out!  Be informed.

Oh, and Gary Johnson is bad-ass.  He climbed Mount Everest.  With a broken leg.  So kudos to him for that!