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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Two Debuts!

I know, I have been quiet the past few days.  Things are pretty great!  AND!  I have a couple things to show you and both are in the same pictures.  I started making a new item for my shop (and no, I still haven't sewn in the ends of the two scarves so I can list them, I need to do that this week, like really.) I got inspired by the scarves I was making and decided to make a cowl!  I don't normally like cowls, but I felt like the ruffles would work well with it.  I made it in pink and purple, pink in the center with purple ruffles on each side.

The other thing being- I got my hair done on Saturday!  I got it cut and I got it dyed!  It's a very pretty red now, at the suggestion of my husband.  So here is the cowl, on me,so you can see both!  I even made silly faces for you.



Sandra tyler said...

Better eat that one listed quick in your shop! Cute! Oh, and so is the hair! My shop really needs updating big time....

Barbra said...

Cowl + hair = pretty!

Kakers said...

Sandra it is now listed! Needs better pictures, but it's up there. And thanks Barbra! :D ~Katy

Rebecca said...

Love the cowl and the hair, I like to go red every now and then!

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