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Friday, September 28, 2012

What Next??

Well, it has been such an interesting day!  It started off a quite good day, our staff meeting was brief and brought with it good news. Our clients will no longer have a dollar cap on treatment for the year, so we no longer have to limit sessions!  Pretty awesome, considering they were only getting 4 hours per week of therapy when recommended is 20+.  It's called "intensive" for a reason!  Anyways, then I made a YUMMY brunch quesadilla with eggs and cheese and harm on corn tortillas.  Turns out, corn tortillas have fewer calories than flour ones, so despite the fact that flour ones really are much more tasty, I now have enough corn tortillas to last me half a lifetime.  I can only stomach them cooked, so they're a no-go for fajitas (tried it, ick, never again!) but for quesadillas as long as I salt them it turns out OK.   So I had a nice filling brunch that didn't pack a ton of calories and didn't come out of a bunch of little packages.

Left for my client in a great mood, enjoying the weather with my sunroof open, driving along.  On course to get there on time, but nooooo... disabled vehicle a couple miles before the exit.  NOT happy about that but pushed on through, only backed me up like 5 minutes.  Till I hit the entrance to their neighborhood.  It's a gated community, and I guess noon is THE time for people to arrive and have to check in at the gate.  So I got to sit there in line, and ended up 15 minutes late.  Not so much a big deal, but I have things to do today and that's 15 minutes everything had to get shifted back.  *sigh*  Oh well.

So, on my way home, and despite a little traffic a couple times that really pissed me off (I did NOT have time to hit traffic again!  Too much to do!!) I managed to actually make good time and got myself to the pet store to get food for the dragons.  Stocked up pretty good, too.  Got to the register... crap.  I didn't have my wallet on me.  Turns out when I was paying bills after the staff meeting I left it on the couch.  Seriously?  So it took me 30 minutes to get home and back with my wallet.  30 more minutes I didn't need to lose.

Ugh I am so frustrated!  I know, nothing horrible, but I have a report I am trying to finish and ...

(then I got distracted, cause I have ADD... LOL... and I went and wrote that report!)