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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So Much Yummy!

We got a quesadilla maker for our wedding.  It is AMAZING.  It was one of the first things that was sent to us off our registry and let me tell you, it has been well used.  This week when I went shopping I guess I was craving eggs and bacon, because I got plenty of both (and cheese!) and not have a plethora of breakfast options.  Today, it is a bacon egg and cheese quesadilla!  It's still too hot to eat yet, but I am really looking forward to it.

I made 2 scrambled eggs (scrambled with milk and salt, of course) and used those plus some crumbled bacon and 1/4 cup of cheddar jack cheese, all of 9" tortillas.  I need to get smaller tortillas next time, I think our quesadilla maker was made for 8" ones but oh well!  These worked OK for now.

The only problem will all of this goodness is that it is 734 calories!  Yipes!  So I think I may eat half and then leave the rest for left-overs another day.  We'll see how hungry I am though, it's a late day for me so this is brunch really, so eating half of my calories for the day could just make sense.

Last night I made fajitas.  We tried the Taco Bell brand fajita seasoning and we both really liked it.  So that we will definitely be getting again, unless there is a less expensive brand that we also like.  My poor husband is still adjusting to my mindset of "if it tastes OK, we're getting the non-brand-name kind to save some money."  It just makes sense!

Ok maybe my quesadilla is now cool enough to eat... let's see...