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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

He Lives!

So, I have for quite a long time wanted a massive fish tank.  Or a few.  A couple years ago I had a spare ten gallon and our office manager wanted a fish tank on her desk, so I brought it in.  I had the whole set up and it was just sitting under my table, so why not?  So for a while our office at work had a fish tank.  The kids loved it.  Eventually, though, the company grew and we just no longer had room for the fish tank.  So despite hearing for ages from Eric that, no, we were not getting a fish tank, I suddenly had a fish tank.  Fish and all!  But fish I didn't like.

One day I was at the pet store and found a great deal on a used 55 gallon tank with stand.  It took a while, but we transferred the fish into the big tank.  Still mostly fish I didn't like,except the Khuli loach.  Man do I love Khuli loaches.

Here is the wonderful fish tank, not long after it was set up last winter...

We've had all sorts of issues with it with green water (ugh) so even though I had all these plans for it with tons of tetras (yes, bunches of tiny fish for the big tank!  Schools of 'em!)  But I think what I will have to do is replace the light, because if I leave the tank light off the green goes away, but if I leave it on even a full day the water starts getting green again.  I need to look into what kind of light is IN there (the fixture came used with the bulbs in it) and what I can switch to.  But due to all these issues, I had gone for quite a while without the light on and as a result, lost a number of the fish.  All of the bloodfin tetras, at least.

I wasn't sure about my Khuli loach.  For those of you who don't know, they are the kind of fish that hide, and will typically come out when it is dark.  I hadn't seen it at all since the extended blackout, and just figured at this point it must have not made it.  Then today I go to turn on some lights in that room, and there he is!!!

Pardon the dirtiness, the whole tank needs to be cleaned.  But YAY!  The loach lives!  He is one of the fish that we had in the tank when it was at work, and thus he is called "Worm" because that's what the office manager thought he looked like.  

Hope to see you again soon,Worm!