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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Make Your Own Pizza Night

Last night we had our friends Brandon and Aimee over with Brondon's son.  It was an awesomely good time, even though not everything went as I had planned.  We planned this idea like a week ago, and I had intended to make the dough last weekend to give it some time to proof and get a better flavor and all that, but once we figured out we couldn't do it until Friday I figured that would be too long for it to sit, and during the week I just didn't have energy or time.

So I ended up making the dough right about when they said they were heading over.  I scoured the internet for a recipe, again, I'd used 2 different ones so far.  I ended up finding one that looked good and used bread flour and some whole wheat flour, since Eric had mentioned that maybe we should throw the wheat flour away since we had other flour and I had refused.  Different flours serve different purposes!  Anyways I made the dough using the recipe I found using instant yeast, it seemed slightly dry to me but I went with it.  Unfortunately, the dough didn't feel like rising.  Sigh.  But I rolled some out and tried making a pizza with it, and it actually turned out super good!  Our pizzas all looked amazing and tasted as amazing as they looked :)