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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WOO! Check Out What I Did!

Ok so I am proud.  I have been working on a flyspring for months, mostly on the tumbl trak which is a long trampoline, really.  Today I started doing them on the rod floor, which is a carpeted tumble strip with a bit more spring than the spring floor that the floor exercise is done on.  At first, I was doing them onto stacked mats at the end of the rod floor in the foam pit.  Then I moved one of the mats onto the rod floor and check this out!!

Now, if I take the mat away... which shouldn't make it harder, since the extra height of the may adds to how hard it is, especially with the softness taking away some of the push off the hands... I fall.  Yeah, not sure why.  Must be a mental thing.  I DID land it once perfect and once a little low but without falling.  My coach says it's a problem with piking my body after I punch (jump off 2 feet) which just means I have to really GO FOR IT and REACH so I jump straight into a handstand.

Anyways I am so excited!  I am so close to having it :)  WOOO!!