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Monday, September 24, 2012

Little Projects

I can't work on the big project all the time, right?  That is part of why it is taking so long!  Anyways, I do have my shop to fill and with fall now here, it is time to add some new warm weather gear.

I decided (with some help from some of my favorite fellow Zibbet shop owners) to make some curly scarves and some neck warmers both.  I couldn't decide, they said do both, so I am!  But I am starting with the curly scarves first, at least a couple.  They just feel more "fall" to me.

Here is a sneak preview... I've just started work on one, and will be doing the next one in two colors :)

Yeah I know, not very much to show so far, but hey it's something!  The only thing about the curly scarves is that while they start up really quick, each row has twice as many stitches and thus takes twice as long!  Anyways enough time off from crocheting, back to it I go!