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Sunday, September 16, 2012

This weight has GOT to GO

Ok, I know to most people I am not anything close to overweight.  But I have gotten to my heaviest point ever and it gets OLD not being able to fit into half of my clothing anymore.  This has GOT to stop.  Last year I lost 10 pounds between early September and New Years day.  I actually woke up on January 1 just under 140.  Now I'm weighing in around 156.  Ouch.  Here is where I am at now...

I gotta admit it's really not so bad from the front.  It's from the side... yipes.  My stomach is bigger than my boobs. That is just NOT OK.  That gut has GOT to go.

So here is my problem, I really am not a big fan of dieting or watching what I eat.  I'm not very good at it.  So my plan is to count my calories -which honestly the last time I did it confirmed I really don't eat THAT much.  Once I get a handle of how much I want to be eating I'll probably stop.  Last year I managed to lose it without cutting out my fast food and soda and all the crap I eat.  So hopefully I don't have to this time either.  I've already switched to mostly diet soda.

What I need to really concentrate on is EXERCISE.  I swear I WILL change my body significantly by becoming more active with only minor tweaks to my diet.  Just you watch!  It will happen!  Slowly, yes, but it will happen.  The slow creep stops NOW.